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New immunization requirements for the 2016-2017 school year/SB 277:áAll incoming Kindergarten and 7thágrade students must have current immunizations on record to begin school on August 10, 2016.áCalifornia law SB 277 no longer allows personal or religious beliefs exemptions. Clickáhere for more information.

Along with good education, the health, safety, and welfare of students are of primary importance to our learning community. One of Bryn Mawr’s goals is to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all students and staff. We believe that every student has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach. We also believe that no one has the right to disrupt or interfere with these rights. Therefore, we will take swift and immediate action against anyone who is preventing a teacher from teaching or a student from learning. Each teacher has a classroom discipline plan which outlines classroom rules with rewards and consequences.
Bryn Mawr expects the following “Be’s” to be followed:
  1. BE RESPECTFUL! – Show respect to adults, classmates, yourself, and your school.
  2. BE POSITIVE! – Have a positive attitude and always try your best.
  3. BE ON TIME! – Don’t be late to school or class and work on having good attendance.
  4. BE RESPONSIBLE & PREPARED!! – Complete your assignments.
  5. BE HEALTHY! – Take care of your body by making healthy choices (don’t stay up late on school nights, drink plenty of water, eat foods that are good for you, exercise, and never eat or drink poisons (including drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol).
  6. BE SAFE! – Avoid endangering yourself and others by following safety rules and not taking risks.
· Use playground equipment properly and follow game rules.
· Students are never to leave the school campus during the school day without signing out in the office.
· Immediately report adult strangers not wearing a visitor sticker to any staff member.
· Students may not enter or be in any room without a teacher or staff member present.
· No running, biking, or skating in the hallways.
· No gum chewing, hard candy, or sticky candy is allowed at school.
· Using the restroom and getting drinks are the priority during recesses, not playing. Always flush the toilet, wash your hands, and throw away your paper towels in the trash can. Never play in bathrooms.
· Use handball walls, not buildings, for bouncing ball backstops.
· Frisbees, footballs, softballs, or any thrown objects are to be used on the grass fields only – NEVER play with these items near buildings or on blacktop areas where children are playing.
· No wrestling or play fighting is allowed. Students should keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves at all times. Respect personal space.
· Students are to stop playing and report directly to their class lineup location at the sound of the recess-ending chimes or playground monitors.
· No climbing trees, fences, or backstops.
· Students should always be polite and use appropriate language. Vulgar, offensive language is not tolerated; habitual violators may be suspended from school and cited by the school resource officer.
· The school is not responsible for theft or damage to personal items brought to school. No personal items such as toys, radios, CD players, games, etc. may be brought to school without permission from the teacher.
· Never run in the hallways or crowded areas (e.g. outside eating area, library, etc.).
· Students are not allowed to possess cell phones without a permit issued from the principal.
· Students will not be allowed to make personal phone calls unless a staff member deems it an emergency.
· Always use common sense: students should treat others as they wish to be treated. Students should immediately report unresolved conflicts, bullying, or harassment to a staff member.
The Board of Education has determined that a student may not remain at school dressed in a manner which (1) creates a safety hazard for the student or other students at school or (2) when the clothing is an unnecessary distraction to the learning process and tends to disrupt campus order. Students will be expected to adhere to the following dressing standards:
· Shoes or enclosed-toed sandals with a heel strap are acceptable – No flip flops or bare feet.
· No clothes which are excessively baggy, tight, transparent, or revealing.
· Garments with violent, suggestive, obscene, or inappropriate statements, slogans or pictures are not allowed.
· No hats will be worn indoors at any time. Allowable hats may only be used for sun protection during outdoor activities.
· No makeup, hoop earrings, chains, exposed tattoos, or distracting hairstyles or colors.
· Identified gang attire such as bandanna, haircuts or hair rollers, or any gang paraphernalia is prohibited.
Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior
Parents will usually be notified by the teacher concerning inappropriate classroom behavior. If a student is referred to the office, the principal may contact the parent to discuss corrective action. Consequences for infractions to the above rules may include, but are not limited to time-out, recess detention, parent conference, loss of privileges (field trips, free time activities, etc.), written apologies, IST meetings, suspension, and counseling.
School Suspension
The goal of our discipline program is that of education and prevention. Students are taught ways to avoid violence and to find peaceful solutions to problems through Conflict Resolution and Peace Builders strategies. Bryn Mawr Elementary School has adopted a “No Tolerance” policy for threatening to cause or causing physical harm to another student, theft, defiance, vulgarity, and vandalism. Likewise, throwing any dangerous objects (i.e. rocks, sticks, etc.) will not be tolerated. Students involved in one of these incidents will be suspended from school for one to five days and will not be readmitted without a parent conference. Incidents involving weapons or illegal substances will result in immediate suspension from school and a referral to Student Services to begin the expulsion process.
Sexual Harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment comes in a number of forms:
1) Verbal Harassment: Sexually mean comments, jokes, or slurs;
2) Physical Harassment: Unnecessary or offensive touching or blocking of movement;
3) Visual Harassment: Offensive posters, cards, cartoons, graffiti, drawings, or gestures;
4) Sexual Favors: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
Students who engage in any form of harassment will be subject to discipline that could include suspension from school. We believe that students should be able to come to school free from any form of harassment such as bullying, intimidation, teasing, or threats. It is imperative that any victim of harassment immediately report such activity to staff or school administration.

Bryn Mawr Elementary School is a closed campus. Students are not to arrive on campus before 7:20 a.m. and are not to remain on campus after 2:10 p.m. unless they are attending an after school program, Camp Blue Jay, or special arrangements have been approved by a teacher or the office. Students are never allowed to leave campus during the school day without being signed out in the office by a parent or guardian. Likewise, parents or visitors are not allowed on campus without signing in and obtaining a visitor badge.


Student attendance at school is one of the most basic expectations at Bryn Mawr School. Students who attend school regularly and are on time to class do better academically. We make every effort to encourage regular and punctual attendance through a variety of student reward incentives throughout the school year such as gift cards, honor certificates, ice cream, movie passes, and Disneyland passes. 
When a student is absent from school, it is important that the school clear absences as soon as possible. Please notify us by calling (909) 478-5650 or by sending an attendance note with your child to the teacher or office. The note should include:
  • Student Name (Clearly Printed)
  • Date the Note was Written
  • Date of the Absence
  • Reason for Absence
  • Parent Signature
  • Parent Name Printed Clearly
  • Verification Phone Number
Excused absences include illness, quarantine, medical, dental, or professional appointment or death in the family.
Repeated instances of tardiness, absences, or truancies will result in a series of letters and administrative home visits. Further questionable attendance will result in referral to a site-level School Attendance Review Team meeting where strategies for regular attendance will be discussed. Further tardiness, absences, or truancies will result in referral to the district-level School Attendance Review Board and/or a referral to the District Attorney’s office.
Contagious Diseases
Students who are ill with any kind of contagious or infectious disease should be kept home for their own and other students’ protection. Please notify the school if your child contracts a communicable disease. Readmission to school after a contagious disease will be according to State and Local Health Laws and District Policy.
Special Health Problems
Please notify the school office and your child’s teacher if your child has a special health problem that may require a special program to be planned for him/her.
If your child requires medication during the day, a signed parent permission slip and Doctor’s certification form must be on file in the office. Our trained office staff will administer medication. No medication shall be given without a doctor’s written order (Ed. Code 49423). The child is responsible for remembering when it is time to take the medicine. Parents are responsible for delivering medication to school in person; do not send medication with students. Prescribed medication cannot be dispensed unless it is in an original bottle. Please contact our office for details and procedures.
Hearing and Vision Tests
The district provides hearing and vision screening for all students in grades 1, 2, and 5. Students referred by parents or teachers will also be screened regardless of grade.
Child Abuse and Neglect
As mandated by State Law, it is the responsibility of any educator or other school staff employee to report every incident of suspected child abuse or neglect to the San Bernardino County Child Protection Services.
Student Safety To and From School
Students who walk to school should not walk alone and they should always cross streets in the crosswalks. Parents should always walk their children across the street when picking them up or dropping them off at school. 
Disaster Preparedness
Bryn Mawr has prepared a Disaster Plan, which provides for the long-term safety and care of your child in the event of a natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, or fire. We have purchased items needed to prepare for such an event and all our teachers and many staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. All students participate in disaster drills on a regular basis. We are prepared to provide for the welfare and safety of your child for as long as it takes an authorized person to pick them up.
Inclement Weather Conditions
Outdoor activities will be limited or curtailed when one or more of the following weather conditions exist: smog alerts, wind, excessive heat (above 95 degrees F.), cold, or rain. Alternative indoor activities will be arranged during recess periods.
If you ride a bicycle to and from school, it should be stored and locked within the bike rack. Bikes may be ridden only on the sidewalk/bike path when entering or exiting the campus. Bikes must be walked anytime the student is on campus. Bike riders should follow all bike safety rules. According to California Vehicle Code 21212, anyone under the age of 18 years of age is required to wear an approved bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. Bryn Mawr students are expected to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Students may ride scooters to school, but they must not be ridden on campus. Students must wear a helmet when riding a scooter as well. Skateboards may also be ridden to school, but students may not ride them on campus. The skateboards must be stored in the classroom during the day with the teacher’s permission. Helmets must be worn while riding a skateboard. The school will not take responsibility for any loss or injury related to bikes, skateboards or scooters.
Bus Regulations
Students who ride buses must obey the following rules to help ensure their safety and the safety of others:
  1. Students shall arrive at the bus stop no more than five minutes before departure time;
  2. Students shall board the bus in an orderly manner at the scheduled time and only at the scheduled bus stop. A student may ride only his/her assigned bus. A student may get off at another bus stop only with a note from his/her parent that has been approved by the principal or his/her designee. The note should be brought to the office in the morning before school;
  3. Each student shall be seated as directed by the bus driver and stay seated until he/she has reached his/her destination;
  4. Students are under the authority of and directly responsible to the bus driver;
  5. Students may talk to each other in conversational tones while the bus is in motion;
  6. Students shall leave the bus in an orderly manner only when the bus has come to a complete stop.
Bus riders should not do the following activities:
  1. Opening emergency doors
  2. Touching any of the instruments in the driver’s compartment
  3. Touching or interfering with the door mechanism
  4. Exposing arms or body outside the bus window
  5. Crossing the street at a spot other than designated by the bus driver
  6. Throwing objects at, inside of, or out of the school bus windows
  7. Spitting on other people
  8. Leaving the seat until the bus has stopped moving
  9. Bringing live animals on the school bus
  10. Eating or drinking anything on the bus
  11. Bringing objects on the bus that may present a danger (i.e. balloons, large objects, etc.)
For questions about transportation, please call 909.748.6983
Throughout the school year, parent(s) may be asked to make donations to help cover costs of a school activity (i.e. transportation and/or admission). If your family is unable to pay the requested donation, please ask your teacher about getting a scholarship. It is our intent for all students to participate in all school activities.

I am a PeaceBuilder.
I pledge…
To Praise People
To Give Up Put-Downs,
To Seek Wise People
To Notice and Speak Up About Hurts I Have Caused, and
To Right Wrongs.
I Will Build Peace at Home, at School, and in My Community Each Day. 
We’re Bryn Mawr Students and we learn in Loma Linda and we go to school each day.
We learn about truth and we learn about health
in many a different way.
There are teachers galore who teach us more
than we can ever say.
But the greatest thrill that can ever be filled
is to be a Bryn Mawr Blue Jay!
We’re Blue Jays! (of Bryn Mawr)
We’re Blue Jays! (Best near and far)
We’re Blue Jays! (Hear what we say!)
We’re Blue Jays!
Well, we write and read -- to our teachers we heed.
We think they are the best.
We’re proud of our school. It’s really cool.
It’s better than the rest.
We’re really great when we cooperate
in all our work and play.
But the greatest joy for every girl and boy
is to be a Bryn Mawr Blue Jay!
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